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Seat Concepts

This week’s sponsor of the week is Seat Concepts.

Whether we are racing Supercross, Motocross, mud or sand your seat and seat cover are one of the most important components on your motorcycle. Not only for rider comfort but performance as well.

Seat Concepts seat on Blake Baggett’s race bike. Photo: Simon Cudby

Using the highest quality materials on the market, Seat Concepts have every type of seat and cover you would need.

Different seat types

Race 2.0:
The Seat Concepts Race 2.0 covers are like the Competition covers with a few additional ribs and it does not have the rubber grip patches on the sides. This is also the chosen seat cover that is used by Blake Baggett, Benny Bloss and Justin Bogle

New wider Comfort seat helps keep you comfortable on that long commute or dual-sport ride. The added width and foam density will help keep the seat from being an item to stop you from going on that ride or enjoying the bike.

The Seat Concepts Super Grip cover incorporates an industry leading rubber grip patch at the lower center of the cover. This means you can hold the bike with your knees and have better control.  A great attribute of this design is the resistance to damage caused by knee braces. Our ribs have a foam insert to improve resistance to sliding on hard acceleration or braking.

Seat Concepts Military Appreciation Seat Cover for San Diego SX. Photo: Kardy Photos

And if you’re into dual-sport adventure riding Seat Concepts kits incorporate a wider seating area for the rider, which results in more even weight distribution while reducing pressure points. Each individual seat model is specially designed to increase comfort without compromising rideability. The more aggressive the rider the more aggressive their seat kit. The seat foams are comprised of a top-secret blend created from years of testing making them the best option for anyone looking to add comfort to their motorcycle of any style.

Go check out their full range at or follow them on twitter and Instagram @seatconcepts

Seat Concepts PRODUCTS are made and developed here in the U.S.A.  by true motorcycle enthusiasts.

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