ODI | Featured Sponsor of the Week

This week’s sponsor of the week is ODI. 

When you talk about world leaders in grip technology you are talking about ODI grips. For over 25 years they have dedicated themselves to developing the best products possible right here in the USA. During those 25 years of development and information from top level racing teams they have been able to master their Proprietary materials that goes into their Pro Edition half waffle grip for maximum softness and comfort. 

ODI Handlebars and grips are featured on the Team RMATVMC race bikes.

They are also the innovators of the ground breaking Lock on grip system which allows you to change and replace your grips with no glue or safety wire in seconds! Perfect for if you are racing or a weekend warrior hitting the trails. 

Along with grips our team also trust ODI when it comes to handle bars and throttle tubes which are another key part to rider comfort. 

Justin Bogle and Blake Baggett rely on ODI bars and grips to stay in control every race.

The Fusion Tube system is constructed of a 6061 Alloy and a 6mm bearing for smooth action both on and off the gas. It is also ready for any V2 snap on throttle cam you have and for handle bars our guys love the Podium Flight bars. They are a non-braced bar constructed of 2014-T6 Alloy in a 1-1/8 size that come in 3 different colors and multiple bends. 

No matter if you ride moto, mtb, bmx, atv, road, sports bike, watercraft or snow ODI has what you need with Grips and Handlebars. Their passion for performance and technology will have you comfortable no matter what the conditions. 

Check out their full line of products at www.odigrips.com